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Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj/ Pushparag)

Yellow Sapphire

Sapphire is the gemstone of planet Jupiter and helps to remove all problems and effects related to Jupiter. Yellow sapphire, dominated by Lord Guru,also known as Guru Ratna, functions as anantenna towards blue cosmic rays. It is for those people who are born in Sagittarius & Pieces ascendant and Rashi (Moonsign). Yellow sapphire stones or Pukhraj by are of yellow, gold colored, lemon yellow and many a times, of white color, reasonably transparent, with avelvety reflectionas well as specific gravity in emerald, oval, cushionorround cut.  

Yellow sapphire benefits include:

  • It is the significator of prosperity, health, wealth, fame and fortune.
  • Users of sapphire are skilled by higher education, wisdom and long life.
  • It offers you general satisfaction and religious beliefs.
  • Wearing pukhraj insures protection from accidental death.

Everyone, who would like to enrich these aspects of his life, really should go with Yellow Sapphire or Pushparag.

In very unusual conditions, it's suggested for the persons, who are passing through undesirable Dasa/transit of LordGuru (Jupiter). It is alsoconsidered thatif there are obstructions in findingan appropriate match for a girl, she gets married by wearing this sapphire gemstone.

Health benefits of wearing YellowSapphire stone are:


  • Best for those who are suffering from unhealthy weight gain, diabetes mellitus, cholera, throat complications, abdominal issues andjaundice.
  • Diseases pertaining to the liver, gall bladder, pancreatic.
  • It holds power that cures fever and cough. recommendsYellow Sapphire gemstone for recovery from or keeping off these types of physical problems. Yellow Sapphire stoneis extremely great forbetterment of wealth, health and wellness, fame, name, honor and achievementsin life.

At, yellow sapphire price also is reasonable and  affordable. They are well energized, programmed with potent verses of Lord Vishnu.  We offer you ISO certified Yellow Sapphire gemstone.


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