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Blue Sapphire (Neelam, Indraneel)

Blue Sapphire

Natural blue Sapphire is very effective and powerful stone, representing the planet Saturn. Blue sapphire stone, also known as Shani Ratna, offered by, are lustrous and bright in the color, light weighted and very fine looking velvety reflective stone. Natural blue sapphire is highly recommended for protection from evil influences of Saturn. Shani Deva blesses the wearer of Neelam or Indraneel.

Natural blue Sapphire is best for the persons born in Capricorn & Aquarius ascendant and Rashi (Moon sign). It is ideal for the persons, who are passing through adverse Dasa/ transit of Lord Shani (Saturn). Blue sapphire is the symbol of purity with love.


Benefits of Blue Sapphire gemstone:  

  • Changes the user’s fortune.
  • Opens new opportunities for user.
  • User is blessed with immense good luck and happiness and financial gains.
  • Wish and desires come true.
  • Natural blue sapphire protects the users from misfortune.
  • Neelam Guards users from evil effects and negative sources.
  • Overcomes difficulties of debt and enemy.
  • Helps you in your education background.
  • Removes your marital problems.

Blue sapphire is for those, who want job promotion and who face career related problems. It is highly beneficial for those who look forward in career and searching for life opportunity. It is lucky gem for those who are born in number 8. Blue sapphire stone is for those who are in business of export and import.

Health benefits of Blue sapphire are:
  • Cures insanity, paralysis, depression, tumors.
  • It is also used for asthma, rheumatisms, abdominal troubles, nervous disorders, fainting fits, mental maladies, weakness, cancers and diseases relating to feet. offers you Natural blue sapphire especially energized and charged by Achary Kalki Krishna himself. Come to to buy blue sapphire and you can buy it online. Blue sapphire price are very reasonable here

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