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Citrine/ Sunahla

Citrine/ Sunahla

Citrine/ Golden Topaz/ Sunahla Gemstone is traditionally considered Upratna/ substitute of Yellow Sapphire; and associated with Lord Jupiter.

Citrine Stone is very effective healing quartz gemstone. It shows a series of transparent colors from light yellow to golden brown. This combination of colors work in synchronization to make a grounding quartz gemstone (brown), an equilibrium gemstone (oranges) and support for the solar plexus powers (yellow).

 Citrine is a yellow to golden element of the quartz gemstone mineral collection. Sunhala Stone has been called the "gemstone of the intelligence". Early people believed that putting a Citrine Gemstone on the temple of a person would raise his telepathic power.

Natural Citrine Stone is known as the fortunate "Merchants Gemstone". If you are in any kind of selling business, just put a Sunhala in the moneybox and look what occurs. It is also used by healers for the following reasons:

  • Sunhala Stone used to increase self-respect.
  • Golden Topaz Stone protects you from the harmful energy from somebody else's mistreatment.
  • Sunhala Stone opens the mind to new beliefs.
  • Sunehala Gemstone promotes clearness of thought.
Citrine Healing Properties

Specialists use Citrine Gemstone, to help in curing digestion problems as it is considered beneficial for curing endocrine and digestive system. Sunahala Gemstone is used for purification, cleansing and eradicating poisons and other toxins. Golden Topaz Gemstone is an outstanding gemstone to serene and pacifying anxious conditions. Some use Golden Topaz for help in alleviating sadness, digestive troubles (together with diabetes and constipation). It will give happiness and adore to the possessor.

‘AstroDevam’ suggests Citrine Gemstone for healing from or keeping off these types of digestion problems. Citrine Gemstone is tremendously great for betterment of riches, health and wellness, reputation, name, respect and success in life.

At ‘AstroDevam’, Citrine Gemstone price also is affordable and reasonably priced. They are well energized with influential verses of specific Deity.  We present you ISO certified Citrine Gemstone.

Importance of Citrine:

  • Citrine Gemstone is the birthstone for the people, who are born in the month of November.
  • Sunahla Gemstone is also known as the 13 year Anniversary gemstone.
  • Sunahala Gemstone is mainly believed to be the Solar Plexus Chakra stone.
Benefit from the energy of Citrine Gemstone jewelry:
  • Citrine Gemstone is lucky stone for the businesspersons. Hence it is called "Merchant's Stone”.
  • Citrine Gemstone encourages self-possession.
  • Citrine Gemstone helps conquer depression.
  • Citrine Gemstone strengthens the nerves, digestion system.
  • Citrine Gemstone brings good fortune.
  • Citrine Gemstone harmonizes the solar plexus chakra.
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