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Crystal Cluster


Crystal Cluster has been used since time immemorial, as it was believed to be a source of healing energy and power. Crystal clusters radiate positive energy into the surroundings and the area around them and can also be used for absorbing negative energy.

Crystal Clusters have been used for meditating, healing and expanding the mind to touch the spiritual world. Quartz crystal is also used for protection from and capturing and bad or negative vibrations. The Crystal Cluster Mineral are used to:

  • Increase harmony and cooperation
  • Help the life to be positive
  • Bring positive vibes in the surroundings
  • Encourage positive thoughts
  • Clear negative thinking


Clear Quartz Crystals are strong amplifiers of energy, and are also used in healing or meditating rooms by alchemical healing practitioners.  Healing Crystal Cluster produces a field of healing negative ions that clears the effects of positive ions and finally protecting the aura. It also helps to cancel out the harmful effects of radiation and radioactive waves.

Quartz Crystal Cluster focuses on inner negativity and encourages positive thoughts. Crystal Cluster is also used in meditation and cleanses distractions and helps to emptying the mind. Crystal Quartz cluster encourages a feeling of "oneness" and provides a deep meditative state. 

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