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Feroza (Turquoise)


Turquoise gemstone is the stone of peace, serenity and tranquility. It increase protection, meditation, energy, wisdom, honest, balance, communication, strength, friendship and love.  Feroza stone  is found in many green shades such as greenish blue, apple green, greenish grey and the sky blue.  Turquoise stones shield the user from harmful influences and attract friendship.Natural turquoises were actually found in turkey, hence called as Turquoise. Green turquoise enhances spirituality and fills communication gap. It is beneficial for whole body and can strengthen entire anatomy and helps improve all diseases.

Feroza stone benefits are:

  • It gives status and respect in society.
  • Enhances mind and communication.
  • Offers you innovative power of mind.
  • Improves self-esteem and confidence.
  • Protect from evil spirit.
  • It contains healing property.
  • Increases muscular strength.

Turquoise gemstone   is also used to cure diseases such as throat infections, female reproductive system, headaches, migraines, environmental pollution, anorexia, stress, fever, cataracts, liver ailments, eye ailments etc. It also creates support system for tendons, ligaments, thymus gland, nerves, tissue regeneration and circulation in general. On the physical level, it neutralizes over acidity, alleviates pain and viral infection.

Feroza gemstone   is the symbol of friendship. It is oldest stone and carries great wisdom. provides you best and pure Turquoise gemstone, well energized, charged and preprogrammed by Āchary Kalki Krishna himself. Come to us for pure feroza stone and know more about feroza features. You can also buy natural turquoise online.


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