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Navratna Pendant

Navratan Pendants

The Navratnas are the nine gemstones related to nine planets as per Indian Astrology. These Navratanas ornaments connect to the nine planets also called as Navgrahas. Navratna Pendant is extremely popular these days. “Navratna” the nine gems in Hindu Astrology are also useful for Chakra therapy. These gemstones are used to attune the seven chakras energies.

The aim of such type of practice is to stable the forces of each Chakra and so align the physical/emotional/mental body complex in a holistic way. Navratna Pendent is beneficial for reducing all difficulties or worries from your life.

The gems and their related planet:

Natural Ruby:                                        Sun

Natural Emerald or Onyx:                     Mercury

Natural Pearl:                                        Moon

Natural Diamond:                                  Venus

Natural Red coral:                                 Mars

Natural Blue sapphire or lolite:              Saturn

Natural Yellow sapphire or Topaz:        Jupiter

Natural Hessonite:                                Rahu

Natural Cat's eye:                                  Ketu

In Nava-Ratna, Gemstones can be used as a beneficial measure for strengthening the positive impacts of planets. NavRatna also strengthens the influence of the auspicious planets.

Navratna Benefits: Nine powerful gemstones combined in one pendant lessen all sorts of problems in professional and family life. Few more benefits are as follows:

  • It removes problems and delay in business deals.
  • It removes problems in education.
  • Navratna pendant removes complications in delay marriage.
  • It also reduces stress and depression.
  • Navratna pendant eradicates unexplained family problems.
  • It also improves concentration.
  • Navratna pendant wipes out lots of negativity in life.
  • It also removes evil effects.

How to wear Navaratna Pendant?

Navaratna Pendants can be easily used by anyone without any adverse effects. It suits everybody irrespective of Zodiac and without any reference from an Astrologer. NavaratnaJewelry like pendants acts against several risks and diseases.

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