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Ninth House of the Vedic Birth Chart/ Horoscope/ Kundli

Ninth House(Dharma Bhava)

The Ninth House or the Ninth Bhava of the Vedic Horoscope/ Birth Chart is known as “Dharam Bhava”. Ninth house is the house of dharma, good karmas, fortunes and father. It is the house of “Bhagya” of the native.

The other aspects of ninth house of the Kundli are thighs, hips, faith, wisdom and divine worship, philosophical beliefs, father, grandchildren, guru, long journeys, higher education, devotion towards elders and divine, spiritual initiation, dreams, communication with spirits, righteousness, pilgrimages, foreign travel, meditation, etc.

A well placed ninth house lord in the Vedic Horoscope/ Kundli ensures good fortune in the native’s life.

According to Kaalpurush chart, Sagittarius Sign occupies the Ninth Bhava of the Vedic Birth Chart. This sign is fiery and dual in nature.

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