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Visit the holy land of Omkareshwar for a divine experience
Located in Madhya Pradesh is this small yet attractive holy place named Omkareshwar. On the bank of the mighty river Narmada is a small island Mandhata and here you can visit the Hindu temple Omkareshwar which is among the other 12 Jyotirlinga shrines of our country. The beautiful fact related to this island is the shape of this island which looks like the symbol of OM. This is an awesome attraction for those who are seeking for peace and tranquility. Making a visit here is an experience of its kind. Apart from the religious presence, it is a place with great scenic beauty. The mesmerizing and awe inspiring sceneries of this place offer a great relaxation. There is a deep gorge in between the two mountains and there lies this amazing island. The location, climate, serene river and mighty mountains all together make it a place which you should definitely miss. The climate of Omkareshwar is really pleasant and we will recommend you to visit this place for complete harmony and peace of mind and soul.  

Important and must not miss attractions in Omkareshwar:
In Omkareshwar there are many religious places which you should not miss. Here we have selected some popular Places. Just check out the important places:

Govind Bhagwatpad: This is a famous sacred place where the religious leader Sankaracharya attained his knowledge, education and diksha from his guru. This is an interesting religious place where there is a cave which has a hall and a small sanctum. There are beautiful carved pillars which are accented with amazing artwork and in the sanctum there is a Shivlinga. This a place of great religious importance and many pilgrims visit here each year.

Omkareshwar Parikrama: According to the Hindu mythology it is believed that taking a walk around a pious thing adds positive energies. When you walk around the Omkareshwar Parikarama in the clock wise direction, you will get the positive energies in your body and mind. 

Sacred Meeting Point:
This is a sacred place where River Narmada merges into River Kaveri. For Hindus this place has a religious significance and it is believed that taking a bath will add great meaning to your life.  

Kedareshwar Temple: This is one of the most important places in Omkareshwar. This ancient temple was built in 11th century and each year thousands of tourists make a visit here. It is believed that taking the blessings from the Almighty from here will bestow you with great fortune and luck. 

Shri Omkar Mandhata Temple: The Shri Omkar Mandhata Temple is one of the jyothirlingas in our country. The architecture of this temple is amazing and here you will get to see the beautiful balconies and an elegant style of architecture. 

Shiva Temple: The Shiva temple here is considered as the sacred shrine which has an important place in the puranas. There is a beautiful Shivalinga in the temple and according to the legends, it is said that this is a powerful place.  Each year many Hindu tourists visit this temple to take blessings from Lord Shiva.

Amreshwar temple: This is one of the ancient temples of Omkareshwar having great architectural work. Previously 22 Brahmins used to perform Lingarchan Puja. But at present the numbers of Brahmans are only 5.

Annapurna Temple: Three idols of Parvati, Laxmi and Saraswati are worshipped in Annapurna Temple. This Temple is newly constructed.

Shri Gajanan Maharaj mandir: This temple is made of pure marble stones and also Dholpuri stones and must for visit.

Gouri Somnath Mandir: This temple is having a 6 ft long Shivalinga. As per historic stories it is said that 2 grown up persons cannot touch each other hands while embracing it, if they are no having the relationship of Nephew and uncle.
Apart from the famous Lord Shiva temple, you can also make a visit to some small temples here.

Shopping in Omkareshwar: Although there are no shopping malls in Omkareshwar, but here you can enjoy shopping some handicrafts and gifts for your friends and family. There are many shops lined up across the streets and there are amazing shops from where you can buy religious items as gifts for your family and friends.


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