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Other Divine Yagyas e.g. Narsimha, Krishna, Rama, Hanuman, Vishwakarma etc. Yagya

Other Divine Yagya Superior

The Vedic scriptures indicate overabundance of Gods and Goddesses, each one representing a particular characteristic, or some time a variety of elements, of human life or the world around us. Our valued customers are requested to get in touch with ‘’® for specialized, modified and need based suggestions. Divine Yagya or Jyotish Yagya is done to appease Gods

One may also perform Divine yagyas as per precise days according to Vedic Panchang (ephemeris detailing planetary movements); it is also possible to go through the list of auspicious days, given free on our website, for choosing a day for a Yagya dedicated to a particular deity. Browse our website to buy Yagyas online.

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