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Parad (Mercury) Pyramid


Parad (Mercury) Pyramid balances & harmonize the aura around us. Mercury Pyramid also removes the negative energy from the surroundings. Therefore, when we place this Parad (Mercury) Pyramid, in our home/ office, the place is purified by the power of Parad and Vastu defects are rectified.

The benefits of Parad Pyramid are everlasting. Mercury Pyramid is well-known remedy for abolishing the negative energy caused by Vastu defect. The corners of Parad Pyramid are the symbols of truth, peacefulness, wisdom and seriousness. The pointed part of Parad/ Mercury Pyramid signifies the tri-level divine power.

A pyramid is a very useful Yantra that always helps a man in every walk of life. A Pyramid of Parad acts like a medicine. Mercury Pyramid by is a huge store of many qualities and divine powers.

  • Northern part of the pyramid- represents cold
  • Southern part of the pyramid-represents heat
  • Eastern part of the pyramid- stands for light
  • Western part of the pyramid- stands for darkness.

Parad Pyramid helps a person regain efficiency and create vibration in his body. Parad Pyramid can be easily kept in the building or house where some Vastu fault (Vastu Dosh) is there. Parad Pyramid also increases our self-confidence, strength and memory.

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