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Peridot gemstone is a stone of beauty and lightness. It is the secondary gemstone of Mercury.  Peridot stone is an gemstone of amazing clarity, green in color and shining crystal. It is considered to be a very spiritual stone among all. It is the stone of happiness and prosperity. Peridot gemstones have been located in a numerous regions, including Brazil, Pakistan, Ireland, Russia, Sri Lanka, USA and Egypt.


Benefits of  Peridot are:

  • It gives you self-esteem.
  • It protects against psychic attack.
  • It brings spirituality in users.
  • It brings light and beauty in user’s life.
  • Users steer away from misunderstanding and confusions.
  • It brings warmth in user’s personality.

Peridot stone helps user to get rid of relationship problems and brings happiness in life and family. It offers user fame, respect and dignity. It is in the class of semi precious stones, representing love, loyalty, truthfulness and respect.  Peridot is well known for its curing disease and effective remedy for sinus and asthma. Green peridot is said to have nursing power for stomach and eye.

Health benefits of  Green peridot are:
  • It cures mental aberrations, nervous breakdowns, dumbness, speech disorders, leucoderma.
  • It is best used in skin disease.
  • It also cures eyes, nose, nervous system, debility, blood pressure problems.

 Those who want to enhance these aspects of life should use green peridot gemstone., such as Intelligence, brain power, memory, communication, intuition, the intellect, the ability to learn, Commerce, mercantile activity, reasoning systems, edible oils, public speaking, education, authorship, writers and journalists. offers you pure and genuine Peridot stone, well energized and preprogrammed by Āchary Kalki Krishna himself. Come to us to know more about peridot birthstone, peridot meaning and semi precious stones.


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