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Prayer®  highly recommends this remedy, as the best option available to mankind.  Power of prayer, if done in proper way, draws us directly to the divine, to a level, at which nothing is impossible for us.

Prayer (Equivalent word in Sanskrit- Prarthana) should be offered directly to God, the Ultimate. However, a prayer may remain unanswered unless we combine them with the color and vitality of genuine feeling, commitment and devotion. You may pray for yourself and for those whom you want to receive the bounties of Ultimate Divine Power. The best prayer is selfless prayer. Another key ingredient of prayer, suggested by us, is gratitude to the God, for what we already have bestowed with. For the beautiful, extraordinary universe, we are living. For our family, our body, the food we eat, the cloths we wear, the mental faculties we use for contemplating so many things. The list is endless.

You may offer prayers to the ultimate God, having no shape or form (Nirakaar in Sanskrit), to the forces of nature, in the shape of Devatas, to any one of the Great Trinity (Brahma, the Creator; Vishnu, the Nourisher and Shiva, the Destroyer), anyone of the incarnation of either Devatas or Trinity, with a purpose to fulfill your material or spiritual requirements.

You may do your prayer privately and individually, or you may do it collectively in a group. It is very important fact that the most ancient literature of the world, Vedas, considered as the highest sacred texts of the Hindus, are a large collection of prayers and prayer rituals. Actually, every word of every prayer, and indeed, even every letter of every word, has a precise meaning and able to cause a precise effect.

But if you want to get best and optimum results from your prayers, it is important that you should know, to which divine force, you have to pray, which specific prayer, you have to use in your prayers, what rituals you have to follow, while performing your prayers. For example, for attaining wealth, scriptures give the options of reciting following Stotras (Verses for prayer in Sanskrit):

reciting following Stotras (Verses for prayer in Sanskrit):


  1. Astha Lakshmi Stotram
  2. Lakshmi Asthakam
  3. Lakshmi Astottara Stotram
  4. Lakshmi astottara shatanamavali
  5. Lakshmi sahasranama stotram
  6. Kanakadhara Stotram
  7. Sri Sooktam and many more.

 But who will recite which stotra, under what circumstances, only an expert like ‘®  can analyze and recommend. Experienced and competent team of ‘®  gives specific and precise guidance, in this regard, to you after going through


  1. Unique permutations and combinations of your accurately prepared Vedic Horoscope,
  2. Basic nature of each and every Graha (Planet) in your horoscope,
  3. Circumstantial nature of each and every Graha (Planet) due to their unique placement in your horoscope,
  4. Shadbala (Six types of strengths) of each and every Graha (Planet) in your horoscope,
  5. Days and deities ruled by each and every Graha (Planet) in your horoscope,
  6. Current running Dasa and transit of your horoscope,
  7. The specific problems being faced by you,
  8. Goals and aims, desired to be achieved by you.


Due to this complex and intensive exercise, prayers suggested by ‘® , never fail to deliver the required results.


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