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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whether wearing an ‘Gemstone’ will really help me?

  • What is the proper way to wear an ‘Gemstones’?

  • What is the proper Time to wear a ‘Gemstones’?

  • Which is the proper hand for wearing an ‘Gemstone’?

  • What is the difference between Gemstones supplied by others and ‘Astrological Vedic Gemstones’, from ‘’®.

  • I have gone through ‘What makes them different’ and convinced that ‘Gemstones’ are much different than Astrological Gems provided by others. But it appears to me that ‘’® is not charging any extra price for these wonderful Gemstones?

  • Majority of Astrologers and websites recommend and sell Astral Gemstones in the weight categories of 5 ¼, 6 ¼, 7 ¼ Rattis or similar weights. But we find that ‘’® neither recommends nor sells Gemstones in the above weight categories. Why?

  • Can anyone buy ‘Gemstones’ in a jewelry store?

  • Do you also arrange ready-made jewelry?

  • After how much time, I will be able to notice the effects of ‘Gemstones’?

  • How will I feel the effects of ‘Gemstones’ after wearing them?

  • What are Nav Ratnas (Nine Gemstones)?

  • Is it necessary that I wear only prescribed Gemstones? Why cannot I wear a Gemstone on my own?

  • When I am buying a gemstone online, is it necessary to know which gemstone actually I am buying?

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