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Jiten Pyramid

Jiten Pyramid with its supreme power can easily make your life stress-free and prosperous. Pyra means fire, life Energy or the Universal cosmic force, and mid stands for middle or centre. The accurate meaning of the word pyramid is 'fire at the centre'. Pyramids are essential part of all the ancient cultures; Egyptian, Mayan,the Indian etc.

Dr. Jiten Bhatt, a renowned bio-energy scientist invented Pyramid and found a stress-free and practical method for using the supreme power of PyraVastu Pyramid. Jiten pyramid harnesses the cosmic energy and conserves it in its bosom, keeping it energized.

Down the ages, Jiten Pyramid has inspired many people. Jiten Bhatt Pyramid produces superior levels of positivity in the environs. Jiten Pyramid benefits can be used for eliminating negative energies and producing a positive energy in workplace, at home, office etc. In our everyday life, we are affected by numerous problems like lack of peace, dissatisfaction with current job, monetary problems, shortage of success, lack of concentration, the fright of speaking up and many more. We often get disturbed by these issues and start thinking that there is no solution for these troubles. 

Dr. Jiten Bhatt used principle of Pyramids to give us quick, easy-to-understand and simple techniques to deliver a feasible solution to all Feng Shui as well as Vastu defects.

Every individual, without any rules and guidelines can easily use the Jiten Pyramids. The variety of Pyramid includes Wish, Vastu, Relax, Marriage, and Pyramid for sound sleep, Harmony, Success, Education,Progress and many more types.

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Discover quick and easy ways to enhance health, peace and prosperity. Also learn hundreds of Do-it-yourself, practical techniques to correct Vastu & Feng Shui defects with the power of Pyramids.



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