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Quartz Crystal Pyramid

Quartz Crystal Pyramid

Quartz Crystal Pyramid works on the cellular level to release blockages within our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.Quartz Crystal has been used since time immemorial as powerful healing products and mediation tools. Experts have knowledge about their qualities and have used quartz crystals for powerful amulets and talismans. Throughout history, Natural Quartz Crystal has been shown to energy clearing, increase healing and energizing benefits.

What is A Quartz Crystal Pyramid?

A Natural Quartz Crystal Pyramid is made of 99% natural quartz crystal, which resonates with the power of sacred geometry that release positive vibes and create a transformative sound.

It has that transformative sound, positive vibration, and light crystalline feel with healing qualities and characteristics that bring harmony and peaceful environment. Experiencing the Vastu Crystal Pyramid during a healing session is electrifying, electrifying and transcendent. Its resonance is simply fascinating and almost hypnotic.

Benefits of Natural Quartz Crystal Pyramid:

  • Reduces Pain and Stress
  • Improves Clarity and Psychic powers
  • Shortens Healing Time
  • Opens Third Eye
  • Excellent meditation stone
  • Chakra clearing
  • Clears Your Mind
  • Restores Energy and Balance
  • Increases focus and clarity
  • Easing of headache
  • Clearing anxiety and nagging worries
  • Focuses Energy for Manifestation
  • Improves Clairvoyance or inner vision
  • Aligns and Strengthens Mind, Body and Spirit

 A Clear Quartz Pyramid is all you really need to invoke protection in your aura. As it acts as a "blank" transmitter, Clear Quartz can also adopt a "programme" more easily and without any difficulty than other stones and as such you can use the Natural Quartz Crystal Pyramid to bring luck and opportunity to pretty much every arena of your life. 

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