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Astrological Travel / Relocation / Foreign Journey Analysis


You have made program for Foreign Journey, at least twenty times, but you have to cancel each and every time. You have applied long back for Visa for a particular country, but nothing appears in sight? You want transfer to some place, for betterment of studies of your children, but bosses are not listening?

Want to shift to foreign country for betterment of your career, but do not know when it will materialize.  Want to know, which one is better for your career, your birthplace or otherwise. Stranded in a weird place and want to come to your hometown; don’t know how it will be possible.

Do not despair. Tools of Vedic Astrology are at your disposal. A team of astrologers, specializing in Foreign Travel astrology and Relocation and Journey astrology, is ready to help you out. Just ask us!

With the development of faster means of communication and transportation, the world has become small. But, still there are restrictions on movement; some created by us e.g. job potential, distance from native place, suitability of climate etc. ; and some created by Governments, e.g. Passport, Visa, quotas etc. Our team, which had given miraculous Travel & Relocation Astrology Predictions, is engaged in continuous research on these aspects.

After intensive research, this team has found that all places cannot be suitable for all persons. For an individual, only specific places may be appropriate. The unique astrological finding of this team is that with the change of time, suitability of places for a specific individual may also vary.

While other Astrology websites, which are being run by the businessmen and pseudo astrologers, analyze your prospects for foreign travel, journey, relocation prospects on the basis of astrological software’s, which is a mockery of Scientific Astrology; at ‘’® this expert team determines the exact position in the zodiac (not just by sign, but by degree and minute) of all the Grahas, the exact position of Ascendant as well as other Eleven Bhavas (Houses) and their interrelationship. Due to this complex procedure and personalized focus adopted by ‘’® team, it has become possible for us to extend exact and accurate predictions.

Our Astrological Relocation analysis will help you to find specific places, which are luckier and promising than the places where you reside for a long period; where your dreams will fructify and where you will get ultimate goal of your life.

Our Travel and Journey Horoscope will help you to find your purpose of journey. It is also helpful in guiding you to know most suitable time for conducting travel and journey, so that you can plan your journeys and relocations in advance. Our team of Travel Astrology Consultants will help you to find out after analyzing your travel horoscope, if you have any chance of going abroad, or coming back to your motherland from abroad.

The most important fact is that this expert team not only analyses your prospects for Travel/ Relocation/ Foreign Journey, but also suggests suitable remedies and solutions, which are not only easy and cheap, but also highly effective and result oriented.


  • Some sample questions, you may ask from our expert team-                                   
  • What is the strength of my horoscope for foreign journey?
  • What is the strength of my horoscope for foreign Career?
  • When will I go abroad?
  • Will I settle abroad?
  • What will be the purpose of my foreign trip?
  • Will I get Visa easily or there will be some problems in visa?
  • Will I get extension of Visa?
  • When will I return to my motherland from a foreign land?
  • Will I become successful after going abroad?
  • Which direction will be most suitable for me for going abroad?
  • Whether I will face any Problem in foreign place?
  • I am stranded in a foreign place and want to come back to my native home. What are the possibilities?
  • I am posted in a distant place, away from my family. What is possibility of joining with my family?
  • If answer to any of above questions is not satisfactory, then is there any remedial solution.


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