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Love Astrology


Love is a feeling of intense affection and personal attachment. It may refer to the passionate desire and intimacy of romantic love, or to the sexual love at physical level. Specific combinations in your Horoscope decide the level of interpersonal attraction, you will be able to generate.

Normally, astrological websites analyze your love life and tendencies by dividing people into 12 categories, Sun-signs, Moon-sign or some other sign.

This type of Astrology presents only a partial picture and unable to guide you properly.Some other websites, which are being run by the businessmen and pseudo astrologers, analyze your love life on the basis of astrological software’s, which is again a mockery of Scientific Astrology.

At ‘’® , we determine the exact position in the zodiac (not just by sign, but by degree and minute) of all the Grahas at the time of a particular event say a person's birth, the exact position of Ascendant as well as other Eleven Bhavas (Houses) and their interrelationship. Due to this complex procedure adopted by ‘’® , it has proved itself in the eyes of its clients.

Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness. Our exclusive predictions and suggestions relating to Love Astrology will help you to figure out this key. We help you know yourself better thus making you more sensitive to the unexplored realms of the feeling called Love.

Our team of experts will guide you to choose a right partner as well as the remedies in case of problems in love or interrelation complications. You will know the nature of your partner when it comes to love and romance and will be able to understand your relationship better. We will also help you understand the reasons for some of your partner’s actions which may feel are uncalled for.

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