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Marriage Astrology

There is a popular saying in India; Marriage is a sweetmeat, he who eats it, repents; and he, who does not eats, also repents. Such is this complex aspect of life.

 But, at ‘’® we assure you that you will eat the sweetmeat of marriage and enjoy the same, instead of repenting.

A committed team of astrologers, under the overall guidance of Anita Daivagya, best known face of Vedic Marriage Astrology, is at your disposal.

Anita Daivagya, who is teaching Astrology for so many years, has developed so much acumen and insight into this branch of Astrology that, leave alone celebrities, even so-called World Famous Astrologers approach her regularly for resolving marital issues of their children and other family members.Till date, she has made thousands of marriage predictions, analyzed thousands of horoscopes for giving exact astrological reason for delay in marriage and other marriage problems.

Normally, astrological websites analyze your married life and Marriage Compatibility by dividing people into 12 categories, Sun-signs, Moon-sign or some other sign. This type of Astrology presents only a partial picture and unable to guide you properly.

Some other websites, which are being run by the businessmen and pseudo astrologers, provide you Marriage Horoscopes and Marriage Readings on the basis of astrological software’s, which is again a mockery of Scientific Astrology. So-called Marriage Reports, being delivered by these websites, are nothing but the farce, since, having been prepared by astrological software’s, these reports tell very general and vague things about your married life.

At ‘® we determine the exact position in the zodiac (not just by sign, but by degree and minute) of  all the Grahas at the time of a particular event say a person's birth, the exact position of Ascendant as well as other Eleven Bhavas (Houses) and their interrelationship. Due to this complex procedure adopted by ‘® it has proved itself in the eyes of its clients.

Anita Daivagya’s abilities in suggesting suitable Astrological remedies for resolving Marriage related problems are unparalleled and appreciated by one and all.

You are unmarried and waiting endlessly your D-day. Do not know, who will be your future companion?

Or, you are married, but cursing the day, you got married.

We at ‘® have panacea for all your questions and confusions. 

We are giving below a list of questions, for illustrative purposes and guidance. However, you are free to ask any question regarding Marriage, from the team of Vedic Astrologers, headed by Anita Daivagya.                                                                                 


Questions, in case, You are unmarried

1:   When will I get married? 
2:   Will I get married at a normal age or whether there will be a delay in marriage ? 
3:   Why am I experiencing delays in getting married? 
4:   Best period for getting married.
5:   What will be the nature of my Husband/Wife ? 
6:   Whether I will get married to the person of my choice?
7:   In case of multiple options, which one is right for me? 
8:   Whether I and my prospective spouse will be compatible to each other ?
9:   Will I have a happy and a normal married life?
10: What kind of relations I will have with my in-laws ?
11: Will I have a love or an arranged marriage? 
12: Uncertain whether to make a commitment or not? 
13: Will I have pre marital affairs? 
14: Will my engagement break? 
15: Will I remain a bachelor whole of my life?

  •   Whether I will have a compatible and happy Marital life ?
  •   Whether I will enjoy complete marital Bliss? 
  • What are the periods of the ups and downs of my marital life.
  • Will I get a divorce?
  • Will I remarry?
  • Is my husband keeping a mistress? Etc.

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Note : Question should be asked against 1 horoscope only. The delivery will be done through email within a week.

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