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Ruby (Manika) Mala / Rosary

Ruby (Manika) Mala / Rosary

Ruby (Manikya) Mala is specifically considered to be beneficial for persons belonging to Leo Sun Sign. Ruby is a blood red-colored, naturally occurring, expensive gemstone, considered King of gemstones.  Ruby Mala is one of the best Mala which leaves the shade of powerful prosperity and reputation on the wearer, making them audacious with the glow of fortune. Ruby Gemstone has been used in Rosary form throughout history; it has various benefits for the wearer.

  • Other Name: Manikya
  • Planet: Sun
  • Chakra: Manipura

Ruby is one of the most valuable gemstones, beside diamond, emeraldand blue sapphire. Ruby Gemstone Bead Mala acquires the supremacy to endowone with immense wealth in all forms along with good health. Ruby gem is most significantly recommended to the folks possessing weak position of Planet Sun in their Horoscope.But to gain benefits, it is more recommended to use it in the form of a ring, pendant or rosary.

Who Should Wear A Ruby?

Ruby Gemstone is the birthstone (Rashi Ratna) for Leo (Singha)Zodiac sign. In Astrology, Ruby stone strengthens Planet Sun (Surya) for Leo (Simha). Ruby Mala bestows prosperity, status, wealth, reputation, respect, self-respect and confidence of the Lord God upon its user. Ascendants of Zodiac Cancer, Aries, Pisces,Scorpio and Sagittarius can also use this auspicious stone.

Benefits of Ruby Mala/ Rosary

  • Ruby Mala is effective in protecting one from evil spirits and negative energy.
  • It is said that wearing Ruby (Manikya) Rosary brings power, reputation and dignity. Ruby helps the wearer get support from government, state, authority or theadmin.
  • One of the noticeable effects of Ruby Gemstone Mala is that it clears the mind and makes it active.
  • Ruby Gems Mala available at, not only gives advantageous results to the wearer, but it alsocalms malefic effects of Planet Sun, and increases the positive influences.
  • One who wishes to have authority of command, name, fame and achievement may use this auspicious natural Ruby Mala.
  • Ruby is related to the navel chakra (the Manipura Chakra) of the body. This effective Mala helps to unblock this chakra, leading to aninfluential sense of concern and leadership.
  • Ruby (Manikya) Mala supports a sense of self-dignity and reduces depression. Ruby (Manikya) alsoaids in dealing with the problems of indigestion.

Ruby Malabeads is a must stone for engineers, actors, entertainers, Government officials, politicians, civil servant, sellers and aspirant to name and fame. It is advised that Ruby Mala will profit onlyif it is worn according to your Birth Chart otherwise it may not be so beneficial for the wearer. So, it is strongly advised touse it after consultation of professional astrologers.

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