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Ruby (Manikya) Pendants

Ruby (Manikya) Pendants

Ruby (Manikya) is the gemstone referred as the King of Gemstone. Ruby Gemstone is ruled by Planet Sun. Ruby (Manikya) Pendants are an amazing Pendant to recharge your energy levels and to stimulate your mind to be self-assured, confident and positive. Manikya Gemstone is one of the most expensive gemstones, beside, emerald, sapphire and diamond. Even though Manikya Pendants has been used in jewellery throughout history, it has many benefits for the wearer.

The stunning Ruby red stone pendant allows you to boost your own strength, and your creativity. Manikya Gemstone has a vibration that emits with an intensity that promotes energy and strength of the wearer. Ruby bead pendants also encourage leadership and decision making skills with the sharpness of intellect. Those who aspire to become rich and famous and want to get a government job should wear a Ruby Gem Pendant though not without consulting an Astrologer.

Who Should Wear A Ruby?

Ruby Gemstone is the birthstone (Rashi Ratna) for Zodiac Leo (Singh/ Simha) in Indian Astrology. This expensive stone strengthens Planet Sun (Surya) and bestows status, name, fame, respect, wealth, prosperity and powers of Lord Sun upon its wearer. Ascendants of Pisces, Aries, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Cancer can also wear a Ruby/ Manikya Gemstone Pendant. Apart from Engineers, Artists, Politicians, Writers, Stock exchange executives, those who aspire to progress in their career are recommended to wear Ruby/ Manik Pendant.

Ruby Gemstone Pendant Benefits:

  • Ruby Stone Pendant symbolizes royalty since ages. Ruby Gemstone Pendant is well-known to bring dignity, name, fame, wealth and professional success to its wearer.
  • Manikya Pendant also brings respect and admiration when worn by those people who are in top-level Administrative jobs.
  • Ruby/ Manik Gemstone is believed to strengthen the Planet Sun in its user’s horoscope. It has been seen that persons who have a strong positioning of Planet Sun in their birth chart have a comfy, sophisticated and stylish life and always mark their presence wherever they go.
  • Sun (Surya) signifies 'Father' in Indian Astrology. Wearing a Manik Ratna Locket strengthens paternal relations and recover father’s health.
  • The Ruby Stone Pendant also improves the wearer’s communication skills and self-confidence which holds great importance in today’s competitive world.
  • Ruby/ Manik Gemstone Pendant also brings fortune in the life of its wearer. Therefore, all those who are suffering from financial crisis and bad luck should wear this powerful stone pendant.

Ruby Pendant vibrates red light which is distinguished as the light of vigorous, energy and happiness. This red light enters deep down in the aura of a person and supports strength, promotes happiness, cheerfulness and spirit of aliveness.

Ruby (Manikya) Pendant by also possesses great healing power that helps in curing several diseases such as psychological problems, blood related diseases, brain haemorrhage, etc. Buy High Quality Ruby Manikya Pendant from at sensible rates.

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