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Sample questions for your guidance

We have given following questions for guidance only.  Please draft your own question, based on your actual problem, which may be about relationships, financial investments, family matters, conflicts and lawsuits, lost objects, missing people, property, business, health, education, job and career, marriage, love, travel, profession, marriage, children, gains, industrial problems, and the list can simply go on and on..

I am unable to find my ornaments. Whether these have been stolen or simply missing?

  • Where is my lost passport?  
  • Whether city X is good for establishing my industry? 
  • I want to diversify my business. Whether business of paints will be profitable for me? 
  • Whether Mr. X is suitable for being appointed as MD of my company? 
  • My son has been kidnapped. Whether he will come back safe? 
  • What will be the ultimate result of my affair with X? 
  • What will be the result of court case against me?  
  • My daughter is not traceable. Where is she? How is she? 
  • Who has stolen cash from my office? 
  • My father is admitted in Hospital and is critical. Whether he will recover? 
  • Doctor has advised a major surgery for my mother. Should I proceed? 
  • I am admitted in X Hospital for treatment, but recovery is very slow. Should I change the Hospital or continue with the current one?
  • Doctors are unable to diagnose the disease of my wife. What is your opinion? 
  • Whether I will be successful in the examination, I have appeared? 
  • Whether I will succeed in the interview, I had just given. 
  • I have appealed against my transfer orders. What will be the result of appeal?
  • What will be the result of departmental inquiry against me?
  • Whether my suspension orders will be revoked?
  • Who murdered Mr. X; what can you tell me about the murderer?
  • What shall be the result for me if I move to City X?
  • Should I file a legal suit against X?
  • Should I take [spiritual] initiation from X?
  • Should I purchase the land in City X?
  • What will be the result for me if I marry X?
  • Will it be beneficial for me to go into business with X?
  • Will it be in my best interest to buy this home?
  • Would this investment be profitable?
  • Will it be beneficial for me to take this job?
  • When will I conceive?
  • What is the sex of my unborn child?
  • How will be delivery of my wife; easy or complicated; normal or caesarian?
  • Whether I will be transferred from my current place of posting? If yes, then direction?
  • Whether I will be elected for the post of Council Member?
  • Whether will I prosper after my marriage?
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