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Sample Questions

Tricky Questions:

Who is supreme, Vishnu or Shiva ?

Or, Whether caste system of Hindus is birth based or profession based ?


Sensitive Questions:

Whether Beef was eaten in ancient India ?

Or, Whether practice of idol worship is non-Vedic ?      


Ritualistic Questions:

How can I perform Five great Yagyas/ Yajnas, in the contemporary times ?

Or, Whether Rosary worn in neck may be used for Japa (recitation of Mantras) ?


Knowledge based Questions:

What is Sankhya Philosophy (Darshan) ?

What are the layers/ Sheaths (Koshas) of human body ?


Mythological Questions:

Who was Hiranyaksha ?

Who was Muchukunda ?


Religious Questions:

Why the Lord Hanuman is always depicted in color Red ?

Why Lord Ganesha is worshipped first ?


Philosophical Questions:

What is concept of ‘Maya’ ?

What is ‘Moksha’ and why so much importance is given to it in Vedic thought ?


Cultural Questions:

Why Holi festival is celebrated ?

Why womenfolk were considered unclean, in their menstrual period ?


Astrological Questions:

Why Sun gets exalted in the sign Aries (Mesha) ?

Why Moon, a satellite is counted among planets in Astrology ?


Questions relating to Ayurveda:

What are Tridosha (Three Humors) ?

Whether any treatment of diabetes was prescribed in ayurveda ?


Questions relating to Yoga:

Whether Asanas (Yogic Postures) should be performed before or after the bath ?

Whether Asanas (Yogic Postures) were described by Great Seer Patanjali, Father of Yoga ?


Taboo Questions:

Whether same sex relations (Gay, Lesbians etc.) are permitted by Vedic culture ?

Whether sexual intercourse is permitted while observing Fast ?

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