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Second House (Dhan/Kutumb Bhava)

Second House (Dhan/Kutumb Bhava)

The second house or the Dwitiya Bhava of the Vedic Horoscope/ Birth Chart is known as “Dhan Bhava and Kutumb Bhava”. The second house of the Kundli signifies wealth and immediate family. The wealth status and family members can be justified from second house. It also signifies inflow of finances, sources of income and bank position.

The other main characteristics of second house are right eye speech, tongue, teeth, nails, sale and purchase, food, drink, early age, power of observation, ambitions, family support, etc.

The benefic placement of second house lord in the Vedic Horoscope/ Kundli ensures wealth and good reputation in the society.

According to Kaalpurush chart, Taurus Sign occupies the Second Bhava of the Vedic Birth Chart. This sign is earthy and fixed in nature.  

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