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'Lal Kitab’ Remedies

The remedial measures (Upayas/ Pariharas) of the ‘Lal Kitab’ given hereunder are relevant for individual planets (Grahas) only.General remedies, not connected with any specific individual planet (Graha) have been given under the section ‘Lal Kitab Tips’.

However, if you want to do remedies specific to you, contact experienced and knowledgeable team of ‘’, who recommends ‘Lal Kitab’ remedies only after going deeply through natal horoscope as well annual horoscope’. That is the reason that these remedies never fail to give desired results.

  • Precautions of ‘Lal Kitab’ Remedies

    • Remedies or solutions given hereunder should be performed only if the relevant planet is malefic (giving bad results) either in the natal chart or in the ‘Lal Kitab’ Varshkundli (annual chart).
      The remedies given here are effective in reducing the ill effects of planet (Graha), only if it does not occupy its own house (Pucca Ghar). In such a case, remedies will fail to cause any effect.
      All remedies given hereunder are to be performed only from sun rise to sunset, unless prescribed otherwise.
      Any remedy of ‘Lal Kitab’ can be started at any time. However it must be observed for 43 consecutive days. Unless the prescribed remedy is observed continuously for 43 days, you may not get required effects.
      All ‘Lal Kitab’ remedies should be performed by the person, who is supposed to be beneficiary of the remedy, unless he is not in a position to perform the remedy himself due to some valid reason.
      Normally, astrologers prescribe ‘Lal Kitab’ remedies on the basis of planetary position in the natal horoscope. However, if you approach any professional astrologer having deep knowledge of ‘Lal Kitab’ remedies; or any astrological team of repute like ‘’, then they will suggest remedies keeping in view the planetary positions in natal horoscope as well as in Varshkundli (annual chart) prepared on the basis of ‘Lal Kitab’. So the last precaution about the ‘Lal Kitab’ remedies is that if you have taken consultation from us or any other astrologer of repute, and did not implement the remedies for a few months, then it will be better to consult again , so that you could know that whether the remedies suggested earlier are still valid or not.

  • Remedies for Lord Sun (Surya)

  • Remedies for Lord Moon (Chandra)

  • Remedies for Lord Mars (Mangal)

  • Remedies for Lord Mercury (Budha)

  • Remedies for Lord Jupiter (Guru)

  • Remedies for Lord Venus (Shukra)

  • Remedies for Lord Saturn (Shani)

  • Remedies for Lord Rahu (Dragon's Head)

  • Remedies for Lord Ketu (Dragon's Tail)

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