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Vedic Mantra Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a ‘Vadic Mantra’?

  • What is the difference between ordinary Vadic Mantras written here and there and ‘Vadic Mantras’, from ‘’®.

  • Who can chant Vadic Mantras? Can ladies chant Vadic Mantras?

  • Will it not be better if I chant many Vadic Mantras at a time, so that I could attain several objectives simultaneously?

  • Is it necessary that I chant Vadic Mantras loudly?

  • It is believed that the one must receive a Vadic Mantra from someone for effective results. Is it true?

  • May I chant a Vadic Mantra for someone else?

  • Is it necessary to chant Vadic Mantras in Sanskrit, which I find hard to pronounce? Can I repeat its equivalent in my native language?

  • Who had composed the Vadic Mantras?

  • May I share my Vadic Mantra with others?

  • Is it important that I pronounce the Vadic Mantra correctly?

  • Should I just chant Vadic Mantra in a thoughtless manner or should I also think about the motive behind the chanting?

  • Is there any specific way of proper breathing during the chanting of Vadic Mantras?

  • Is it proper to have psychological outbursts like bursting into tears or fits of laughter while chanting Vadic Mantras?

  • Why it is recommended to chant Vadic Mantra 108 times?

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