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Vastu Shastra Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Vaastu?

  • Whether Vaastu Shastra can be considered scientific?

  • What is origin of Vaastu?

  • How, Vastu Shastra activates peace, harmony and all round progress for the occupants of a building?

  • What is difference between Vaastu and Feng Shui?

  • Whether Vaastu Shastra is a recent phenomenon?

  • How Vaastu Shastra should work?

  • What may be ill effects of residing in bad Vaastu building?

  • Whether effects of Vaastu Shastra are selective or applicable to all?

  • When should one consult a Vastu expert?

  • Why should I follow Vaastu Shastra?

  • Whether History of plot or building is important?

  • What is Vaastu Meditation?

  • What is Urja or Energy?

  • What is importance of Colors in Vaastu?

  • Whether demolitions or structural changes are must for Vastu?

  • Why directions are important in Vaastu Shastra?

  • What is the best direction of the house?

  • What should be the proportion of length and breadth of house?

  • What should be the place of main door?

  • What is the main object of Vaastu Shastra?

  • Whether Hindu deities are worshiped in Vastu Shastra?

  • IsWhich is the ideal plot?

  • Which is the best location for bedrooms?

  • In which direction one should sleep?

  • Which is a good location for children room?

  • Which is a good location of Kitchen?

  • What should be the best location of bathroom as per norms of Vastu Shastra?

  • What should be the best location of Drawing room?

  • Whether Vastu compliance is required in rented accommodation? Whether Vastu defects to owners only, or they affect tenants also?

  • How can it be known that a building is defective as per Vastu?

  • Is it necessary that a structure should be 100% Vastu compliant, without any Vaastu defect?

  • Whether Vastu principles are applicable throughout the world in the same manner?

  • What are the planets associated with the directions in Vaastu Shastra ?

  • ✅  As per Vastu, is it proper to have cellars /basement in a structure?

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