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Yagya: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a 'Yagya' or ‘Yajna’?

  • Whether Pooja/ Puja, Yagya, Havan and Homa are the same things?

  • What is the significance of Yagyas?

  • Is it necessary to perform Yagya for a person?

  • How Yagyas affect us?

  • For whom a Yagya can be performed?

  • Can a Yagya force a 'desirable' event or occurrence to take place?

  • What are the specialties of ‘Vedic Yagya’?

  • If I am ordering a Yagya for me, is it necessary for me also to chant Mantra of that Yagya?

  • What care and rituals I have to perform, in the period, when Vedic Yagyas are being performed for me

  • My son and daughter-in-law are staying in another country and unable to conceive despite of best efforts.  I wish that they should order Santan Gopal Yagya, but perhaps, they do not believe in the power of Yagyas. Is this possible for me to pay for organizing Yagya for them?

  • How much time or notice period, ‘® requires for organizing Yagya?

  • While other websites organize Yagyas within a few hours to 3 to 5 days, anywhere in the world, why ‘’® takes notice period of one month?

  • How long does it take to notice result of Yagyas?

  • Who performs the Vedic Yagyas at®?

  • Whether® performs Yagyas out of India?

  • Many websites offer discounts and freebies along with Yagyas, but I find no such scheme at®?

  • I have facility for performing Yagya at my place and want to be your associate for performing Yagya. What is the procedure?

  • Why® does not criticize other persons who are performing Yagya?

  • Why the Yagyas are so costly?

  • How many types and categories of Yagyas,® organizes?

  • What is difference between Superior Yagyas and Regular Yagyas?

  • Is it possible for me to perform Yagya on my own?

  • Whether I am required to remain present in Yagya sponsored by me?

  • Can I order Yagya for any objective?

  • How will I know that your Yagya will work?

  • How do I know which Vedic Yagya will suit me?

  • What is Yagya Recommendation, and how to get the same?

  • Is it necessary to perform Nav Graha (Nine planets) Yagya before any other Yagya?

  • How will I know that Yagya has been performed for me?

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