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Shabar Mantras

Shabar Mantras are the mantras created by Navnaths (Nine seers of nath tradition) for welfare of human beings, which would help common people to solve their day-to-day life problems.  Nav Naths created these mantras for common people who were not able to read and understand Sanskrit language. These mantras are written in simplified language used in daily routine. The total number of Shabar mantras are said to be around 1000 Millions, but the same is yet to be confirmed.  Some Shabar mantras, just for illustration, are: 

For acquiring wealth:

1.  Om rhim rhim rhim shrim shrim krim krim sthiran sthiran om
2.  Om namo rhim shrim krim shrim klim rhim shril Lakshmi mam grahe dhanam chinta dure  karoti swaha

For progress:

Om rhim shrim shrim shrim shrim shrim shrim shrim Lakshmi mam grahe dhan pure chinta dure dure swaha

For education:

Om namo shrim shrim sham vadvad vagwadini | Bhagwati saraswatyai namah swaha vidyam dehi mam rhim Saraswati swaha ||

For success in a particular work:

Om parbrahma parmatmane namah | utpattisthitipralayakaray, brahmahariharay, trigunatmane, sarva koutukam nidarshay | Dattatreya namah | Mantra tantra sidhdim kuru kuru swaha

For business:

Om shrim shrim paramam sidhdim shrim shrim om

To avoid the peril:

Om namo shante prashante rhim rhim sarva krodh prashamani swaha

Special Note: Detailed procedure for chanting Mantra specific to you; the auspicious time to start chanting; the specific Japa beads (rosaries) to be used for specific mantra; specific number of chanting the Mantra; the Yantra, if any, to be used with Mantra chanting; other materials, if required for optimizing results of mantra chanting is sent by ‘®  to you.  No additional charges are made by ‘®  for the above items/ services.

Since, Vedic scriptures rule out chanting of any mantra, which has not received directly from any Guru, the ‘®  does not suggest chanting of mantra noted down from here or from any other source and absolves itself from any side effect caused to any chanter, who does not follow these guidelines.

If you wish to get your own ‘Astro Vedic Mantra’, most suitable to your horoscope details/ problems being faced by you, contact us and the same will be communicated to you personally by Acharya Kalki Krishna  himself on telephone. This process will be in conformity with directions and commands given by the Vedic Scriptures. ‘Astro Vedic Mantra’, communicated to you by ‘® , is also devoid of any side effects, as it has been carefully chosen by an expert team of Astrologers and Pundits, especially for you.

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