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Shiv Maha Mantra

“Om Namah Shivaya”

This is known as Shiv Maha mantra. This mantra is considered as the five-lettered mantra related to Lord Shiva. The Mantra has a number of advantages.
It helps in early fulfillment of all desires of life. In addition, it helps to get you rid of effects of all types of sins, committed in the past life.
It is considered one of the Great Mantras of the Vedic tradition (Parampara) and Hindu Mythology. The regular and continuous chant of this mantra for 1.25 lakh times brings pleasure and peace of mind.

The meaning of this Maha mantra is as under:

|| OM ||

It is most important of all mantras. All mantras generally begin and often also end with OM. It means yes and affirms and energies whatever we say after that. That’s why all mantra begin with OM. OM is also a mantra of ascent and causes our energy to rise upwards into the infinite.

|| NAMAH||  

NAMAH means, saluting, worshipping, respecting to the deity. 

|| SHIVAYA||  

SHIVAYA means, to or for the Shiva, one of the most complex gods of India, part of the Hindu trinity, or trimurti, with Vishnu and Brahma embodying seemingly contradictory qualities. Although, he is the god of destruction, yet the literal meaning of the word ‘Shiva’ is welfare; signifying the eternal Vedic message that in every destruction, seeds of new creation are hidden. Shiva is destroyer and the restorer, the great ascetic and the symbol of sensuality, the benevolent herdsman of souls and the wrathful avenger.  

Special Note: Detailed procedure for chanting Mantra specific to you; the auspicious time to start chanting; the specific Japa beads (rosaries) to be used for specific mantra; specific number of chanting the Mantra; the Yantra, if any, to be used with Mantra chanting; other materials, if required for optimizing results of mantra chanting is sent by  ‘® to you.  No additional charges are made by  ‘® for the above items/ services.
Since, Vedic scriptures rule out chanting of any mantra, which has not received directly from any Guru, the  ‘® does not suggest chanting of mantra noted down from here or from any other source and absolves itself from any side effect caused to any chanter, who does not follow these guidelines.

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