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St. Mary’s Island

St. Mary’s Island

 St. Mary’s Island, a nature made ancient island of India
Introduction of the island
This island is located on the beautiful Arabian Sea. This island is also popularly known as the Coconut Island, Thonsepar. According to the information available, Vasco da Gama was the first person to step inside this island. As per various geological records it is found that this island actually formed by the combination of four different islands. According to the administrative record, this island falls under the Udupi district of Karnataka state of India. The formation of this island by the use of columnar basaltic lava makes it into an amazing site for the travelers. As per various geological experiments, it can be said that this island is closely linked up with the semi aerial volcanic region of Madagascar .This presence of the geological formations, transform this site into an interesting site for the eco tourism.

Attractions of the island

    • St Mary’s beach- As this island is located on the Arabian Sea, so while you travel here, will come across the eccentric beaches that are wonderfully designed by the columnar basaltic lava formations. These geological settings make this place into an amazing site for its travelers. Apart from these columns looking designs, you will find the white sand beaches that are surrounded with brilliant surroundings. According to many scientists this island came into existence before 80-100 millions year ago. From that historical period, this island has changed its form and surroundings.
    • Rare specifies of bird- This Island is itself a beautiful canvas of nature. Apart from watching the beaches, you will come across the rare species of Osphrey birds. Only in this island, you will come across this rare species of birds. Nowadays due to the rare collections of plants and various geological survivors this site now belongs to the ecological destination in India.
    • Malpe fishing port- One of the small yet beautiful destinations that is located near the amazing Malpe beach. By going to this fishing port, you will experience the fish catching experience and business background of this island. Apart from watching the angling process, you can also buy some good and fresh fish from this site. It is the most clean fishing port in India.
    • Malpe Beach- This beach is known for its picturesque surroundings. The beautiful sands and calm environment of this beach will force you to spend more time. Here you can avail the boat riding experience to make your holidaying more interesting. In this beach, you will find the rare species of Brahminy kites, Great White Egrets, flock of Large Green Bee eaters.
  • Basaltic lava made columns-This lava made columns can be described as the geological wonder. The wonderful sturdy positioning of these columns in this island makes it as the architectural wonder of nature. This geological formation also makes this site more than an island. Along with these basaltic fences, you will find some beautiful parks inside this island.

Shopping in St. Mary’s Island
Shell materials- As this site is known for its different types of shells, so while you plan to but something from this island, you can check out these wonderful shell made arts for gifting or decoration purpose.


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