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Sun/ Surya Planets

Sun in astrology represents Lord Vishnu. One of its names is Aditya. Sun is also called Bhutasya Jatah (father of all bhutas). It is the leader of all the planets. The Sun in Vedic Astrology represents the male principle. With the Mars, the relationship is Tamasic and with Moon, Rajasic. When the Planet Sun in astrology is afflicted, it indicates problems with the male role model or father. The Sun is a star of light, warmth and life. Therefore, it emphasizes nobleness, courage, loyalty and generosity, but also self-centredness, pride and irascibility.

In a woman's horoscope chart, the Sun usually symbolizes her husband and her father. The Sun is associated with hopes and ambitions.

The Sun energizes the chart, and planets in close association to this planet are completely affected by its behaviour. If the Sun is major in your chart, you will show immense power to do and to be. Its Gochar (Transit) is considered positive in 3, 6, 10, 11 houses. On the other hand, its Gochar is considered negative in 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12 houses. Out of personality aspects, it represents Soul.

Moons, Mars and Jupiter are friends and Saturn, Venus are enemy to the Sun. Its Mulatrikona is 01°-10° Leo. It gets exalted at 10° of Zodiac Sign Aries and gets debilitated at 10° of Zodiac Sign Libra. It shows influence around twenty-two years of age. The following Lists will help you to glance on attributes of Sun:


  • Sanskrit word- Surya
  • Day- Sunday
  • Relationship- Father
  • Sex- Male
  • Lagan Lord in Navamas- 6 months
  • Direction- East
  • Element-Fire
  • Colour- Ruby Red
  • Gem- Red Ruby
  • Type- Malefic
  • Metal-Gold
  • Neutrals- Mercury
  • Aspects- ‘7
  • Major Period- 06 (05%)
  • Own sign- Leo
  • Body Part- Bones, Heart, Stomach area and Right Eye.
  • Avatar/ Incarnation- Lord Ram
  • God- Vishnu
  • Taste- Pungent
  • Prakirti- Sattva
  • Physiology/ Disease- Head, Bile, Brain, Right eye, Organ of voice, Arteries, Physical Heart and Veins. Fever, Blood Pressure, Cholera and disease associated with Pitta.

Main Significations:

Sun signifies the Atman, ego, the Self of all beings,  the empirical self, body, courage, power, vitality, general health,  consciousness, sense of individuality, creative intelligence, dignity, royalty, nobility, authority, personal magnetism, organising power,  radiance, charisma, victory, honour, ambition, leadership, pride, inspiration, zest, courage, creativity, enthusiasm, general success, stability, personality, reliability, character, grace, , respect for elders, generosity, doctoring capacity, places of worship, town halls, palaces, mountains, forests, hillsides.

When afflicted it signifies wavering temperament, arrogance, haughty, proud, over ambitious, irritable, jealous, angry, dominating nature, extravagance, self-opinionated, obstacles and difficulties, spiteful and immoral.

The Sun gives us power and vitality of immunity and resistance. The Sun gives us wealth, life force, brilliance, the power of will, success in worldly affairs, intellect, prosperity, personal conduct, cheerfulness, activity,  good fortune, ambition, the knowledge of medicine, fame, wisdom and the understanding of the phenomenal world.

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