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Tasbih Mala / Rosaries

Tasbih or Misbaha Mala

“Tasbih” or “Misbaha” Mala/ Rosary is made of Islamic prayer beads. The word Tasbih originated from the word “Supha” meaning the glories of God or Allah, and this is precisely what the Muslims do when they pray with the prayer beads.The Muslim prayer beads are used for prayer, chants and meditation purposes, and to relieve an individual from stress by keeping the fingers engaged.

Tasbeeh/ Tasbih prayer beads are composed of 100 beads. During prayer, the Muslims recite the 100 names of God or Allah. Some Muslim praying beads are composed of 33 beads only, however, they serve the similar purpose, but for reciting the 100 names of Allah, they have to go through the Tasbih beads three times.

Tasbih Rosary is brightly coloredRosary that are attractive to our eyes, and are commonly made of gemstones, plastic, wood, etc. There are various, mixed colors and style that are introduced in the market, varying from reasonable, mass-produced Tasbeeh to costly, well-crafted Tasbeeh.

What is a Tasbih rosary used for?

Tasbeeh or Tasbih Mala / Rosary is used by Muslims to perform dhikr (short prayersor repetitive utterances of short sentences silently).Some Muslims, let the Tasbih rosary hanging in their homes for getting protection against harmful energy. Almost two-thirds of the World’s total population utilizeTasbeeh Prayer beads as part of their religious rituals.

Muslims often buy Tasbih Mala as gifts, especially for those who have returned from Islamic Religious Place (like Makka Madina) andthey carry this powerful Tasbih as a source of a stress reliever.The straightforward purpose of Tasbih is to bringreligious awareness and praying procedures amongst people.

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