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Tiger Eyes

Tiger Eyes

Tiger Eye Stone is the stone of protection. This stone is famous as a chatoyant stone- meaning that it shows a special property of optics in which it looks like a Tiger’s Eye glowing in the dark. It is generally found in metamorphic rocks, and it is derived from silica rock.

Tiger Stone Gem is a member of quartz family. The colour of the Tiger Eye Stone generally occurs from yellow to brown, though blue, green and black naturally exist, while red Tiger Eye Stones are unnaturally formed through heat treatment. Like other quartz gemstones, the tiger’s eye stone is stiff with the rigidity pegged at 7 in the Mohs scale. 


According to Tiger Eye Stone Astrology, it is a symbol of courage and confidence, and is held to increase one’s bravery, enhancing self-assurance. The Tiger’s Eye Stone is believed to boost internal power, thereby helping a person get his ideas into realism.
Tiger’s Eye Gemstone is highly suggested for the individuals who are born in Gemini ascendants and Gemini rashi (sun sign). Sometimes, Tiger's Eyestrengthens Leo's intellectual powers and helps him become more inward-looking. Thus he can come to grips with his flaws and conquer boundaries; and he will find out that happiness and cheerfulness depend more upon one's spiritual growth than on outward method of success.


Tigers Eye Stone Benefits

  • Tiger’s Eye helps in removing bad eye effects.
  • Tiger’s Eye stabilizes the ying and yang energy.
  • Tiger’s Eye improves will power and self confidence.
  • Tiger’s Eye brings good luck.
  • Tiger’s Eye improves psychic abilities.

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