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Chitrakoot: A peaceful, spiritual place with religious importance
For all those travelers who think of holiday where along with amazing vistas, they get the splash of relief for their souls, Chitrakoot is just the perfect hill station. Also known as the Hill of Many Wonders, this amazingly attractive place is located in Uttar Pradesh. Chitrakoot is embraced by Kaushambi from the northern direction, Satna and Rewa, Madhya Pradesh cover the southern direction this place and in the east it is covered by Prayagraj of Allahabad and Banda region covers it from the West.  Chitrakoot is a small yet amazing place which comes in the Northern Vindhya Range along with Madfa Pahar, Chitrakoot Parvat Mala and Balmiki Pahar. 

A holy place where you can perform Tirath: It is believed that Chitrakoot is a pious place where you can perform tirth. According to Hindu legends, it is said that just like Allahabad or Prayagraj Chitrakoot is also a place of great religious value. It is also believed that even Prayagrag visits Chitrakoot for tirath so it enjoys a higher place as far as tirath is concerned. According to some ancient tales, it is believed that when Lord performed the shradh ceremony of his father many Devis and Devtas visited Chitrakoot to attend the ceremony. The connection of Rama with this awe-inspiring place adds to the popularity of Chitrakoot as far as the religious places in India are concerned. It is believed that Chitrakoot was the place where Lord Rama spent some time with his wife Sita and his brother Lakshman while they were serving the exile period.  The place itself has an essence of Hindu culture and religion. A visit to Chitrakoot will add meaningful dimension to your holiday.

Attractions in Chitrakoot:
There are many religious attractions and amazing places to see in Chitrakoot. Here we have mentioned some. Scroll down to check out the important ones.

Ram Ghat:
There is a bathing Ghat in Chitrakoot where you can take a dip and this Ghat is known as Ramghat. This is also the main Ghat of Chitrakoot, which is located in the center of the place. This popular Ghat is known for its tranquil and serene setting and you can enjoy boat ride here. The Ram Ghat is on the River Mandakini and making a visit here will make your soul feel blessed.

Kamadgiri Hill:
 Old Chitrakoot or the Kamadgiri Hill is another popular attraction of the town. This beautiful hill is embraced with beautiful trees and here is a five kilometer long Parikrama path.  Once you will finish the Parikrama path, you will find a beautiful temple and this place offers breathtaking view. Each day many tourists visit this temple, many climb up barefoot. According to the ancient stories, it is said that Lord Ram lived here. There is an important temple which is Shree Kamatanath Temple and it is considered as an important temple of the town another temple you should not miss here is the Bharat Milap Temple.

Janaki Kund:
Located at a distance of just two kilometers from the Ram Ghat is the Janaki Kund. It is a tranquil and beautiful place which is on the banks of River Mandakini. Lord Ram’s wife Sita was also known as Janaki because she was Raja Janak’s daughter. During the time of their exile, Sita had a bath in this kund and from there this kund is named as Janaki Kund. There is a beautiful temple which is located very close to the Janaki kund and this temple is known as the Rama Janaki Raghuveer Temple.

Bharat Milap:
The Bharat Milap temple of Chitrakoot is very popular as it marks the spot where Rama met his brother Bharat. Over here Bharata requested Lord Rama to return back to the kingdom of Ayodhya. It is said that, the temple is constructed on the place where Lord Ram’s brother Bharat tried to convince him to be back to their Raj Mahal in Ayodhya. After the Bharat Milap Temple is the Laksman Pahadi and it is said that this is the place where Lakshman used to guard his brother Lord Ram and Sita. It was believed that rocks of the mountain melted down watching the emotion of the four brothers. Still now we can see the foot prints of lord Rama as well as his for brothers over here.

Sphatik Shila:

Two big rocks enhanced the picturesque view of this place. As per mythological stories at this place Ma Sita and Lord Rama feasted both of their eyes to the beauty of this place.

Bharat Koop:

Bharat Koop is the place where Lord Rama's Brother Bharat accumulated holy water from different pilgrimage location of India. This spot is small yet isolated and located few kilometers away from the town area.

Some other popular locations which you can visit at Chitrakoot are Hanuman Dhara, Pampapur, Gupt-Godavari and Sati Anusuya ashrama


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