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Diamond (Vajra, Heera)
Trimurti Rudraksha is a naturally shaped Rudraksha, in which 3 specific Rudraksha are natural joined. As reported by the Hindu scriptures, it symbolizes Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva together. That who worships or wears an original Rudraksha is granted with knowledge, power, wealth and health. People, who hold or worship it, are bestowed with Brahma Gyana. Using this Trimurti Rudraksha increases the power of mind and an understanding of awareness. Using these two, the wearer is reminded that he is truly an unlimited, boundless being; real son of God.

Benefits of Trimurti or Trijuti Rudraksha:

Trimurti or Trijuti Rudraksha contributes greatly to get better overall health, even after serious illness. It grants new amazing ideas and great communication capabilities, hence very benefic for the persons, who are involved in the relevant professions. Most of the businesspersons, who wear this Trijuti Rudraksha, find it a divine tool for enhancing their energies for effective in control of markets of their products. It symbolizes the entire personality and offers the wearer total control over challenging situations. From the above, one can understand power of Rudraksha.

 Deity of this Rudraksha is Trimurti/ Trinity (Combined form of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva).

 Wearing Astro Vedic Trimurti Rudraksha:

‘’® offer you original Rudraksha potentiated  with Cosmic Energy, by Achary Kalki Krishna himself, all the Astro Vedic Trijuti Rudraksha are energized with unique Vedic and Puranik mantras, just before dispatching to you, so that they are able to deliver you most optimum results.

Complete procedure for wearing Astro Vedic Trimurti Rudraksha and mantra specific to you, to be recited by you is sent by ‘’® to you along with your Astro Vedic Trimurti Rudraksha.

(Beware of Trimurti or Trijuti Rudraksha, which is artificially manufactured by counterfeiters and advertised at cost effective prices).

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