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Tripura Sundari Poojan Yantra

Tripura Sundari Poojan Yantra

The Hindu myth says that Tripura Sundari took birth to save the gods from the wrathful and mighty demons. Hence, she is said to be the most powerful Goddess that can diminish negative aspects surrounded by you. To achieve these universal powers, it is suggested that one should employ Tripura Sundari Poojan Yantra. This Shodashi Yantra has magical powers that help you to face all obstacles that come in your way. It acts as a powerful tool for prosperity, harmony, good health, Happiness, mediation, beauty, success, and yoga. The geometric patterns present on the Yantra act as protective shield for the worshipper.
By "Tripura" it means - 3 different cities. It stands for also 3 worlds which are energy, matter and thought. We can experience all these three worlds with Physical body, Astral body

Significance of Tripura Sundari Poojan Yantra

  • The radiations of the Tripura Sundari Poojan Yantra will bring positive vibrations towards you
  • You will feel good as you will be able to search inner peace
  • The power lines on the Tripura Sundari Poojan Yantra opens the doors for success and harmony
  • When you offer prayers to the Yantra, the Goddess ensure that you are protected from all evil deeds
  • Tripura Sundari Devi will guide you in every effort that you make offering everlasting peace and a successful life.

Sthapna of Tripura Sundari Poojan Yantra

  • The Tripura Sundari Poojan Yantra should be place facing east direction
  • Offer flowers and keep some Prasad in front of the Yantra
You can even surround sandalwood paste on the corner of the Yantra to receive blessings form Tripura Sundari Devi.
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