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Tulsi Mala / Rosary

Tulsi Mala, the light, sandal (chandan)-coloured Mala beadis the way to connect to Lord Vishnu or any of his avatars (incarnations) like Lord Rama, Deity Krishna, etc.Tulsi (Basil) Mala is said to have outstanding spiritual, mental and physical healing powers. Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) is a widely grown, holy plant. The word 'Tulsi' means "the incomparable one".The Tulsi Mala or Rosary is prepared from the trunk of the Tulsi Plant.

How to use Tulsi Mala beads?

  • This should be kept at an auspicious place.
  • It may be worn around neck or may be used for Mantra recitation
  • If it is worn, it should be taken out before sleep.
  • Same mala (rosary) should not be used for wearing and Mantra recitation.

Like the Sphatik Mala and the Rudraksh Mala, Tulsi beads also act as a rejuvenator for the tense mind and brings the spiritual self of any person closer to God.Tulsi Plant is also called by names like Holy Basil (in English), Trittavu (in Malayalam), Manjari /Krishna Tulsi (in Sanskrit) and Thulsi (Tamil & Telegu). A Hindu home is considered incomplete if it does not have a Holy Basil(Tulsi) plant.

Tulsi Mala/ Rosary Benefits:

  • Tulsi Mala/ Rosary has enormous physical healing powers.
  • Owing to its enormous healing powers, the touch of the Tulsi beads act as a rejuvenator for the restless mind.
  • Wearing Tulsi Rosary brings good fortune to the enthusiastic wearer.
  • Tulsi beads also balance the Vataand the Kapha Dosha.
  • Tulsi Rosary also destroys greatest sins
  • Tulsi Mala boosts your concentration power.
  • Tulsi (Basil) Mala also gives complete protection from accidents, misfortunes, bad dreams, etc.
  • Tulasi Neckbeads clear the aura, and its subtle aroma fills the heart with a sense of the divine.

There are no restrictions! The using of Tulasi Kanthi Mala depends on your own choice. This sacred Mala is used to worship Lord Ram and Krishna. Tulasiorholy basil mala made from trunk of tulsi plant used in yoga to hold our energy, and tranquillises (calms)our mind.One who uses this sacred mala should have a sattwic diet (healthy and balanced diet), and should be completely vegetarian. Meat, alcohols and tobacco should not be taken by those who use this Rosary for Meditation (Sadhana) and Prayer (Japa).

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