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Vaishno Devi-The most famous Holy place in India
Vaishno Devi is one of the most famous holy places of India which is dedicated to god Shakthi.  The famous Vaishno Devi temple is located in the Vaishno Devi hills of Jammu and Kashmir in India. This mother goddess is also known as Vaisnavi and Mata Rani. Mata Vaishno Devi temple is in the Reasi district of J&K. Katra is the nearby district to of Vaishno Devi and Katra to Vaishno Devi distance includes 12km. Some millions of pilgrims visits this temple every year, besides this is the 2nd most visited place after Tirupati. Devotees prefer to reach the temple by walking complete 12 Km round the hills. In recent time helicopter facilities are also made available which helps the devotees to reach Sanchi Ghat, the helipad zone in just 8 minutes. From there it is almost 2 Km which the devotees need to walk to reach the temple. 

The Mythological story of Ma Vaishno Devi
As per the Hindu Mythological story Maa Vaishno Devi stepped into this world as the daughter of Ratnakar Sagar in southern part of India. Her father promised to himself that once his divine child step in this world he will never interfere in between the desire of his sole child. She was named Trikuta. Later Trikuta was also called as Vaisnavi as she was born from the lineage of lord Vishnu. After reaching the age of 9 years she took permission from his father to perform penance near the sea shore. She prayed to Rama as the image of Lord Vishnu.  Sri Rama in search of his wife Sita reached the sea shore and noticed the girl in deep meditation. Trikuta told openly to Sri Rama that by heart she accepted him as her husband. In return Sri Rama told her that he was solely dedicated to Sita only. He was pleased to notice the devotion in the girl and gave her the name Vaisnavi. He promised to marry her in Kalyug as Kalki. Since that time Ma started observing Navratri for success of Rama against demon lord Ravana.
There is also another mythological story about Ma Vaishno Devi. Shree-Dhar was one of the greatest devotees of Ma Vaishno Devi. He was the resident of a village named Hansali. Goddess appeared in front of him as a young girl and requested the pandit to hold a special Bhandara for devotes. He invited people of village Hansali and also a tantrik selfish in nature of name Bhairava. Bhairava was scaring the pandit that if the Bhandara is not done properly god will curse him badly. The pandit was worrying about what will happen, and then Vaishno Devi in disguise of young girl assured him that everything will be fine. The Bhandara was concluded smoothly and Bhairava want to test the supernatural girl and he followed him to Trikuta parvat. He spends 9 months to search the girl. Vaishno Devi took shelter in Garbh Joon cave and meditated for almost 9 months. But the meditation was cut short as Bhairava located Vaishno Devi. She took form of Ma Kali to protect her from Bhairava. She beheaded this tantrik and his head fell at Bhairav Ghati. Bhairava requested for forgiveness. She gave him blessings that every devotee will complete the pilgrimage to vaishno Devi after visiting Bhairav Nath temple. She took the shape of rock with three heads and went for permanent meditation. 

Places to see in Vaishno Devi:   
Mata Vaishno Devi temple: This cave temple has three Pindis which represents the goddesses Saraswati, Kali and Lakshmi. The rock formations with Laundry and Dhaka are the main attractions of this temple.
Charan Paduka temple: This temple is the place where, goddess Durga made a halt when the dangerous Bhairava Nath is chasing her. 
Charan Ganga: Charan Ganga is a very famous water stream which comes from the Vaishno Devi cave. In general most of the devotees collect the water of Charan Ganga and takes to their home. The devotees believe that this holy water when taken to home gives wealth.
Banganga temple: This temple is located 3km away from the district Katra. The goddess Durga had halt in this place while going to Trikuta hills.        
Bhairava Nath temple: Bhairava Nath is known for his unholy acts. The goddess Durga had forgiven him when he asked to forgive him for his unholy acts while taking his last breath. This temple is located at the top of a hill and the devotees can reach it from Ardh Kuwari.

Jahan Kosha: This is built by Karmakar Janardhan and is constructed in the 17th century. Hazrad Mohammad foot prints are still visible in this holy place. A number of Muslim devotees visit this place every year.


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