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Venus/ Shukra Planets

Venus is the second-closest and brightest planet to the Sun. Venus reaches its utmost brightness shortly before sunset or sunrise, for which reason it is also referred as the Evening or Morning Star.

Venus (Shukra Graha) in astrology, is the God of beauty, love and relationship. The planet is so bright and beautiful! Venus rules the signs Taurus and Libra. Venus has its exaltation in Pisces, and linked with beauty, aesthetics, romance and refinement. Its position in the horoscope chart indicates the area of sensual pleasure, love and affection. The position of this planet also shows a person's perception of affection and relationship. Or, the expressions and qualities of affection that someone may be comfortable or most receptive with.

A person with Venus in Leo have different perception of romance and love than a person with Venus in Cancer! Wherever it lies in the chart, it is sure to play a vital role in the quest for beauty, romantic endeavours and potential for love!

Its Gochar (Transit) is considered positive in 1,2,3,4, 5,8,9,11,12 houses. On the other hand, its Gochar is considered negative in 6,7,10 houses. Out of personality aspects it represents Love. Mercury and Saturn are friends and Sun and Moon are enemy to the Venus. Its Mulatrikona is 00°-10° Libra. It gets exalted at 27° of Zodiac Sign Pisces and gets debilitated at 27° of Zodiac Sign Virgo. It shows influence around 25 years of age. The following lists will help you to take a glance on features of Venus:

  • Sanskrit word- Shukra
  • Day- Friday
  • Relationship- Spouse, wife and husband.
  • Sex- Female
  • Lagan Lord in Navamas- 1 Fortnight
  • Direction- South East
  • Element-Water
  • Color- Rainbow White
  • Gem- Diamond
  • Type- Benefic
  • Metal-Silver
  • Neutrals- Mars, Jupiter
  • Aspects- ‘7
  • Major Period- 19 (16%)
  • Own sign- Taurus, Libra
  • Body Part- Semen, neck, face, private parts
  • Avatar/ Incarnation- Parshuram
  • God- Laxmi
  • Taste- Sour
  • Prakirti- Rajas
  • Physiology/ Disease- Reproductive organs, Fluids, Kidneys, Emission, Secretion. Asthma, Diabetes, Venereal disease, Cough, Phthysis and cold.


Main Significations

Love, beauty, spouse, lover, harmony, romance, partnership, refinement, marriage, style, elegance, peace, joy, charm, happiness, fortune, good luck, delight, virtue, purity, sincerity, honesty, gentleness, amiability, affection, kindness, female qualities, sensitivity,  womanliness, attraction, lustre, curly hair, splendour, vanity, glamour, fashion, flowers, cosmetics, scents, silk, art, dance, music, perfumes, singing, drama, cinema, poetry, literature, theatre, painting, wealth, luxuries, gems, comforts, jewellery, conveyances  horses, elephants, co-operation, friendship, devotion, sexual pleasures, potency, seduction, procreation, hedonism.

Female, Phlegmatic/Windy, Water, Kapha/Vata, Rajas, Indrani, Lakshmi. Parashurama avatar. Gandharvaveda, Chandas, Itihasa. Brahmin, South-east, 25th year. Minister. When afflicted it signifies little appreciation of beauty, lack of affection, ill-reputation, loss of conveyances, scandal and luxury items.

Venus is the planet of romance and love. Romance is strong in a chart of horoscope when Venus is combine with the Ascendant and positioned in these house i.e. 7th, 5th and 11th house.

The profession ruled by the planet Venus include food, textile industry, restaurants, tour, hotel and travels, theater, poetry, music,  cinema, sex industry, literature, film industry, actress, beauty parlors, actors, jewelry business, cosmetic shops, costumes, paintings, photography, astrology and other creative work etc.

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