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Vish Yoga

What is ‘Vish Yoga’ or ‘Poison Yoga’? This question is generally asked  

Vish yoga or Vish Yog in Hindu Astrology is an inauspicious yoga. Vish yoga spoils all auspicious events. No auspicious event should be performed on this day. You should not start any new project if Vish yoga formed. You should not travel for any auspicious event because this yoga is not fruitful for traveling. 

How ‘Vish Yoga’ is formed?  

1. If the fourth Tithi happens on Sunday then this Yoga forms.  

2. If the day is Monday and the Tithi is sixth then this inauspicious yoga forms.

3. If Tuesday is the day and Tithi is the seventh Tithi then Vish yoga will form.

4. . If the day is Wednesday and Tithi is the second Tithi then you may face Vish yoga.

5. If the Tithi is the eighth Tithi and the day is Thursday then Vish Yoga forms.

6. If the Ninth Tithi happens on Friday then Vish yoga will form.

7. If the day is Saturday and the Tithi is the seventh Tithi then you should not perform any Auspicious act because Vish Yoga forms.

Wednesday and second Tithi form both Sidha Yoga (a benefic Yoga) and Vish Yoga (a malefic Yoga).When a benefic yoga co-exists with a malefic yoga the results of benefic yoga prevail (Muhurtha Chintamani Ch.1 Shloka 42) in Hindu astrology.

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