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Ruby (Manikya)


Natural rubies
are more desirable gifts among all Gemstones. Ruby/ Manikya Gemstone, ruled by Lord Sun, also called as Surya Ratna, acts as an antenna towards red cosmic rays. Ruby by is unique and finest piece, having a delicate rose colour. Ruby Gemstone brings effective fortune to its user. Ruby stone is for those, who aim for higher ranks. Often laymen ask, what is Ruby or benefits of ruby.

Benefits of ruby by include:

  • Wearers are blessed with name and fame.
  • Use of ruby increases and improves wealth and property.
  • Ruby keeps an evil eye away from its users .
  • It is Significator of power, dignity, respect and authority.
  • Users of natural ruby are also blessed by promotion and victory.
  • It gives commanding power and better relationship.

 Ruby stone or Manikya helps to prevent the following disease:

  • Cerebral meningitis, eruption of the face, typhoid.
  • Epilepsy, leprosy, ulcers, fevers, gout, typhoid.
  • Polypus, bile complaints, sunstroke, scorches, diseases of the head.
  • Heart troubles, eye diseases, bone disorders, eye inflammation, cardiac thrombosis, Haemorrhage and Cerebral meningitis.

The benefits of Ruby Gemstone, include improving health and getting rid of many diseases. Ruby Gemstone is highly recommended for the People who are born in Leo ascendants and Leo rashi (moon sign). Sometimes, in very peculiar cases, it is also recommended for the persons, who is passing through adverse Dasa/ transit of Lord Surya or facing wrath of Government machinery.

Natural rubies or Ruby Gemstone by, are potentiated with cosmic energy, well energized and programmed especially by Achary Kalki Krishna. We have a wide number of our clients, who used Manikya and are on the top of governments or private sectors firms. They have shown their interest and respect to gemstone by You can also buy Manikya online by at reasonable prices.

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