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Vastu Pyramids

Vastu Pyramids

The literal meaning of the word pyramid is 'fire at the centre'. They have been an integral part of all the ancient cultures; the Indian, Egyptian, Mayan etc.


The most prominent pyramids were built by the Egyptians, in the form of massive stone structures. Although, believed to be as tombs for kings and queens, they certainly served higher purposes for the current civilization and culture. The four sides of all Egyptian Pyramids were accurately oriented to the cardinal directions. Obviously, these Pyramids were built as a channel of universal energy and worked as most harmonious geometric form for matter and consciousness.


This peculiar shape, primarily used in all Hindu and Buddhist temples as well as Christian Churches, have been found very effective in increasing our energy levels, our ability to attract harmonic forms of energies.


It has been scientifically proved that objects kept under the pyramids absorb Energy radiated by them and in this way delay their natural decay. Not only that, Pyramids also emit very high levels of positivity in the environment surrounding them. Pyramids can be used for warding off negative energies and creating a positive energy environment at home, office, work place etc.


Placing a pyramid at the right place can bring endless success and prosperity for you. They can be of any material size or shape, depending upon the purpose. Pyramids are used for: Removing Vaastu defects. Increasing wealth and prosperity. Betterment in health. Creating environment for meditation. Supporting educational and academic pursuits. Creating harmony in married life and inter personal relations. And many more purposes.

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