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What is Vastu ?

‘Vaastu’ or ‘Vastu’, also called as  ‘Vastu Shastra’ and ‘Vaastu Shastra’, as commonly understood, is the science, relating to the construction of human dwellings e.g. houses, factories, shops, religious places, complexes, townships, etc. But, the team of ‘’ after its deep, continuous and painstaking research has found that Vastu Shastra is essentially ‘Science for Management of Space and Energy’.

Vastu Shastra, also called Vedanga (literal meaning- limb of Vedas), has its roots in the Vedas, most ancient literature of human history and is very scientific and pragmatic. This is an ancient Indian science for designing and construction of all types of buildings in harmony with the natural laws of the universe for well-being of humanity as a whole.

For Harmony and Prosperity

Staring from selection of land to actual occupation of building, Vastu gives clear-cut guidelines for every step, resulting into overall harmony to the occupants. Combining scientific structural design principles with methods of synchronizing with nature, this science has ensured peace and harmony to its followers and practitioners for thousands and thousands of years.

Vastu Shastra guides us to a way, applying which we can achieve harmony with the five basic elements of the universe. These basic elements are Akash (Sky), Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire), And Vayu (Wind). Vastu Shastra is to be applied for keeping in harmony with these basic five elements of nature, as it unlocks the methodology, due to which we complement the forces of nature, instead of confronting with them.

The activity of construction of the building is essentially an act to disturb already existing harmony in the nature. Vastu Shastra shows us the way through which we perform activity of construction without disturbing the same, and sometimes even bettering it. Harmony achieved through the canons of Vastu helps us to lead a life of peace and concentration, which brings about prosperity, abundance, peace, pleasure, health and overall success.

Where to get Best Vastu Service?

While at the Micro level, Vastu Shastra is Management of Space and Energy and it takes into consideration age, profession, social, mental, psychological, emotional quotients, marital status, future life plans etc. of the occupants of house; at the Macro level, it focuses upon Directions and location of the house or plot as well as location and directions of various parts of the house like bedroom, lounge, kitchen, bathrooms, corridors, slopes, gradients, placing of objects, colours etc. We, at ‘’ have found that majority of Vastu practitioners ignore either of two aspects and that at the cost of client.

At ‘’ we ensure that both the aspects of Vastu Shastra are considered in a harmonious and benefic way, so that all the benefits of this great divine science are bestowed to all our esteemed clients.


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