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White Topaz

White Topaz
White Topazis also known as Silver Topaz or Clear Topaz. It will help your divine growth as it pushes you to accept direction and assistance from spirit and to find your goal.

 White Topaz Gemstone is colourless and natural. Colourless Topaz is often irradiated and heat treated to form blue topaz. White Topaz Stone is dedicated to planet Venus.

The metaphysical properties of this gemstone will improve your inventiveness and uniqueness, coupled with both individual achievement and appearance. It also promotes victory that is directed towards the good of all.

This White Gemstone carries a powerful energy to help you to purify your thoughts. Its vibration is of a pious nature and it is particularly dynamic within the crown chakra, heart star chakra and superior transpersonal chakras. As you continue to concentrate on the things that you most want and predominantly ideals that are of a creative nature. This gemstone helps those things to come into your life more rapidly.

The energy of Sapheda Pukharaja energizes the upper chakras and this has an influential effect on your intuitive senses. It is a powerful gemstone to help you to extend your intuition, as well as helping you to expand other intuitive abilities.

White Topaz Benefits
  • White Topaz helps in fulfilling all your wishes.
  • White Topaz bestows wisdom.
  • White Topaz encourages openness, honesty and fulfilment.
  • White Topaz stimulates energy flow.
  • White Topaz opens the crown chakra.
Natural White Topaz or  White Topaz Gemstone by ‘AstroDevam’, are potentiated with celestial powers, well energized and programmed particularly by Āchary Kalki Krishnan. We have a large number of our customers, who used White Topaz and have become highly popular in their surroundings. They have shown their concern and respect to gemstone by ‘AstroDevam’. You can also buy White Topaz Online from our website ‘AstroDevam’ at reasonable White Topaz Price.
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