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Zircon gemstone is a Persian word, which means gold stone. Zircon is highly used to defend our body from energy emitted by celestial body. Its ruling planet is Venus. White zircon is said to have super natural magnetic forces. White zircon gemstone is secondary gemstone for Lord Shukra. Zircon works as an antenna towards indigo blue and white cosmic rays. Zircon is the substitute for diamonds. 

Benefits of zircon gem are:

  • Brings spiritual growth in the soul.
  • Stimulates energy.
  • Enhances wearer’s memory and concentration.
  • It is also used to enhance name and fame.
  • It has positive impact on the beauty of the body.
  • Brings harmony and happiness.
  • Helps in good sleep.
  • Increases Self confidence.

Health benefits of Zircon gemstone:

  • Boosts up immune system.
  • Manages diabetics and reproductive system.
  • Users of Zircon feel increased appetite.
  • Cures diseases such as loss of eyesight, cataract, sexual disorders and disabilities, delirium, mellitus, paralysis, and syphilis.
  • Also cures diseases of the generative organs as well as the urinary system.
  • Best suited for those, who are suffering from anorexia.

Zircon stone is highly recommended for the persons, born in Taurus & Libra ascendant and Rashi (Moon sign). Zircon is also supposed to enhance the name, fame and artistic as well as creative qualities of a person. offers you white Zircon stone at reasonable prices. You can also buy Zircon gem online.

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