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Birthday Graha Shanti Yagya

Birthday Graha Shanti Yagya Superior

We conduct Birthday Graha Shanti Yagya as an annual feature for many of our esteemed patrons, who have found Janam Divas Puja very useful for taking care of their life and for warding off probable problems from a birthday to next birthday. We never perform Yagya for birthday in a mechanical way, but design Graha Shanti Puja Yagya for each and every Yajman, to ensure best results.

Birthday is a day, which comes once in a year, and the person celebrates the anniversary of his or her birth on this day. Every person wants to celebrate his birthday in a different way, but the best way is to perform Yagya on this day. 

In our Hindu culture it is believed that when we perform Yagya for graha shanti on this day then our beloved God blesses us as well as the Shanti pooja Yagya homa is the means to thank deity for blessings of beautiful gift of life.

The worshipper gets help in attaining the bliss in future year. By performing, the birthday Yajna and we can show our thankfulness to the utmost power and our beloved deities or goddesses. This is the most important day in one’s life whether he is a 50-year-old grown-up or a 5-year kid. The Yagya is held on the day of your birth after calculating the exact time from your birth chart.

The worshipper in the remembrance of our beloved God and Goddesses and deities offers the Yagya. The Yagya is done not only for the wealth in life but also to get rid of any hurdles coming in the life. The Yagya performed by the worshipper is to give thanks to the god and requesting for his blessings in the life.

Graha Shanti Puja Vidhi is performed from the side of the worshipper. The utmost power is remembered on this day and by performing Havan, devotees’ requests for their blessings. After the Havan ahuti is completed, clothes and sweets are distributed to the needy and poor people. The Yagya is devoted to Ganeshji, Vishnu Dev, Lord Shiv, Maa Durga and even the confined deities of the area, called ‘Sthan Devata’. This favorable Yajna helps in obtaining the overall benefit and pleasure in life. The main motive of the Yagya is to show gratitude to the God and get the Godly blessings from the Supreme Power.

Although Nava Graha Yagya is the main constituent of this Yagya, the exact constituents of this Yagya, the deities / Grahas to be propitiated, the nature and number of the Mantras to be recited, the ingredients to be used in the Yagya are finalized only after going through the annual horoscope of the client. 

Benefits of Birthday Graha Shanti Yagya

  • Performing this Yagya on birthday helps in getting a good beginning of the coming year.
  • This Yagya helps in getting the success and happiness in life for person as well as family.
  • The worshipper gains the good health and growth in career by performing this Birthday Anniversary Yagya.
  • On this day the stars position varies in the birth chart of the worshipper hence Yajna performed on this precise day increase the helpful effects and decreases the unhelpful effects.
  • The Birthday Graha Shanti Yagya helps in obtaining the overall good luck, wealth and stillness of mind.
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