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Yagya for Removal of fear from govt. & enemy (favorable settlement of conflict)

Yagya for Removal of fear from govt. & enemy (favorable settlement of conflict) Superior

Are you facing wrath of Government machinery?

Do you fear hostile action by the enemy against you?

Are you facing imminent danger of raids by enforcement machinery of the Government?

This Yagya will take care of your fears and ensure your victory.

Peace of mind is key instrument for getting success in life. If one does not have peace of mind, all the achievements of life become immaterial. If you have fear from Govt, if you want protection from enemies, Then Yagya for Removal of Fear from Govt and Enemies is the best solution for you; this is the better and more powerful than Pooja to get rid of Enemies. If you are in search of Protection against enemy’s fear is the best solution for removal of fear from enemies.

Performing a Yajna is always helpful. There are several special yajnas, which are performed to remove the obstacles of life, and Yajna for getting free of enemies is one of the main problems of them. This is the Yajna, which removes all the troubles about the unseen enemies, conflicts with family relatives and friends and even the court cases faced by the devotees. The Yajna performed by the follower helps in acquiring the peace of mind and fearlessness.

The expert Pandits, under the ancient traditions of the Vedas performs the Yajna. The Yagya pooja consists of chanting mantras according to the Vedas to appease the particular deities as per planetary combination given by the birth chart of a person. There are several Yajna performed to get blessings of the deities and removal of harmful forces and enemies. This fortunate Yagya bless the devotee with courage. The whole ceremony includes the chanting of mantras, Havan aahuti’s, aarti,  purna aahuti, donation of money and clothes and then the Brahmin bhoj. The whole ceremony is very miraculous and provides the enormous strength to its devotees.

Although Bagalamukhi or Pitambara Yagya is the main part of this Yagya, the exact constituents of this Yagya, the deities / Grahas to be propitiated, the nature and number of the Mantras to be recited, the ingredients to be used in the Yagya are finalized only after going through the nature of the problem being faced by the client.


  • It removes the Fear from Government and Enemies
  • The Yagya is very important for a person, who is facing obstacles, hurdles and challenges of life.
  • The Yagya improves the karmas and removes the calamity and other hazardous situations taking place in the person’s life time to time.
  • The Yajna is so strong that it releases the one from all sourness of their life.
  • The Yajna makes the person courageous and helps in attaining the material, physical, spiritual, emotional growth.
  • The Yagya also helps in getting free from the enemies and court cases and other troubles.
  • It makes sure the happiness of the devotees, mental pleasure and harmony in life.

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