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Yagya for finding a suitable match (Husband/ Wife)

Yagya for finding a suitable match (Husband/ Wife) Superior

Are you not able to getting your bride or groom despite of best efforts?

All your efforts and advances for getting married are getting awry, despite of being most eligible bachelor in the locality.

If your proposals for getting life partner are not materializing; Yagya for finding a good matchis the right answer.If you want to know, how to find a perfect match for marriage then book online Yagya for suitable match on our website. 

For a cheerful marriage life, the couples must do Yagya for finding a suitable match, which is also known as Gauri Shankar Yagya. Gauri is mother Paravathi and Shankar is God Shiva, praying both, a person can be blessed with happy married life. They are epitome of ideal couple. This is the reason that Shiva and Shakti is indicated as shivshakti.

It is thought that the Lord Shiva is the God of forgiveness and sympathy and protects his devotees from the problems and harmful forces present in the earth. He showers wealth, joy and knowledge on his devotees. Goddess Parvati is thought to grant benefit of Saubhagya to women and removes all difficulty existing in their life. Yagya for finding a match for marriage removes the obstacles coming in the path of marriage life or in getting married.

Yagya for marriage is for joyful marital life and few materials essential for this Yagya are as follows. Coconut, Kalasha, betel leaves, hawan kund samaigri, ghee, fruits, Prasad, sweets etc. There is also sankalp for the donation / daan. Donation includes the clothes, food, dakshina to the Brahmin performing the Yagya.

Mother Paravathi is divine consort of Lord Shiva. When they both are together, they are known as Ardhanarishwar. Paravathi is the sign of Shakti and Maheshwar is lord Shiva. Shiva and Shakti together gives flourish to life and become Paramshakti. It is thought that without lord Shiva, Shakti is incomplete and without Mata Shakti, Shiva is incomplete. The Yagya assigned to both these deities brings in delight of married life for bachelors and bestows all the comforts and happiness in the life of married couples. After giving joy of marriage, Yagya for Finding a Suitable Match ensures eternal happiness in  the married life removing the dispute present in among the couples and the harmony and joy comes in their relation.

The exact constituents of Yagya for marriage, the Deities / Grahas to be propitiated, the nature and number of the Mantras to be recited, the ingredients to be used in the Yagya are finalized only after going through the exact requirement of the client.


  • This Yagya helps in achieving pleasure in life, by helping you to get most suitable match for marriage.
  • Those who have troubles in starting their married life, getting  this Yagya performed may bring the joy and harmony in their life. 
  • The Yagya also blesses its devotee with the sophisticated delight, achievement in activities and awakens knowledge.
  • After this Yagya, you will find a match for marriage.
  • After marriage, any conflict in the bond between the couples gets nullified, uniting the couple.
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