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Yellow Topaz

Yellow Topaz

Yellow topaz is secondary gemstone of Topaz family, overpowered by Lord Guru. Topaz or Sunehla works as anantenna towards blue cosmic rays. It is transparent and translucent, with a vitreous luster, and high specific gravity. Topaz gemstone promotes general health and overcome stress.  It is less expensive than other gemstones. 

Benefits of yellow topaz:

  • Growth in business. 
  • Excellent for those, who are in search of job. 
  • Beneficial for patients suffering from jaundice, diabetic, obesity, cholera, hysteria and liver problems. 
  • Topaz is significator of health and general happiness. 
  • Acts as good support for those who are engaged in insurance company and big organizations.
  • Users are skilled to higher education and longevity.

Citrine is designed for the persons who are born in Sagittarius & Pieces ascendant and Rashi (Moon sign). Topaz should be worn in a gold ring or in a locket at prescribed time, as per your horoscope after having a bath, and after worshiping the ring or the locket.  

One, who wears Citrine, is bestowed with peaceful and gratifying life. Topaz  is also considered to control anger, over aggression and fear. This stone contains divine power, which drives away negative energy and evil eye effects.

Healing property of Citrine stone:

  • Cures ailments such as cough, fever, indigestion and liver related diseases.
  • Effective for curing psychological problems.
  • Removes over-anxiousness, mental disorders, nervous disorders, and suicidal tendencies.
Topaz gemstone by is well energized and programmed with potent verses devoted to Lord Vishnu. Our clients, who used topaz gemstone, who are working in the financial institutions, or in the profession of insurance or handling religious matters, have been tremendously benefitted from this Astro Vedic Yellow Topaz.


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