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Yellow Vastu Pyramid

Yellow Pyramid

Colour researchers and PyraVastu experts believe that Yellow Pyramid increases one’s confidence and strengthens the overall health. Yellow colour is the manifestation of the powerful energy of the sun that brings life to all beings.

Yellow Pyramid is a brilliant choice for the living room, children's study rooms or place of work. Yellow Pyramid creates a comfortable and welcoming feeling.Yellow Pyramids are believed to aid in boosting concentration and increases energy.

Why Yellow Pyramid?

Yellow is an appetizing colour. Yellow colour is connected with Earth element and as such is the colour that will support mental alertness. In FengShui, Gold colour and yellows are the sweethearts of the home. Golden colour is very popular because of its association with wealth; on the other hand yellow colour is the absolute colour of pleasure, cheerfulness and warmth.

Being related to the Earth Element as per FengShui, it supports Wood Element, supported by Fire Element and has affinity with Metal Element. Hence, in this way, we may create balance between various elements, in a home, industry, commercial establishment etc.

Yellow Pyramid brings patience, protection, strength, and harmony. Earth colours like Yellow colour are especially important in the South West, Centre, and North West portion of your office and home. Yellow Pyramid also augments positive energy in your room, office or residence.Yellow Pyramid is the best Pyramid to create enthusiasm for life. 

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